Why you should get help finding assisted living

Posted on Sep 20, 2012

Why you need help finding assisted living

Finding assisted living can be an overwhelming process. Usually the senior has been living alone before the transition to assisted living, so you might not know all of their behaviors, conditions, and personal challenges. With that in mind, it might be difficult to find an assisted living facility that can provide adequate care. Do you need an assisted living facility that focuses on dementia care or simple board-and-care? Do you need a lot of trips to the hospital included in the price, or is it OK to pay a separate fee for each transport. What about medications? Can you keep up on what medications your loved one needs or do you need the assisted living facility to take care of that? Not all assisted living facilities are equal to the task, so get help finding the right one.

Call (707) 237-2750 to get free help

So we’ve established that you should get help finding assisted living. It would be good for an expert to evaluate your loved ones condition and point you to a facility that they’ve already toured. That’s what Accessible Elder Care does. When you call (707) 237-2750 you will get helpful advice from Julie Kirschbaum, Administrator of a top assisted living facility in Santa Rosa, CA. She can evaluate your loved ones condition and recommend an assisted living facility that can meet their needs. From there you can tour these facilities and make your selection.

What Makes Accessible Elder Care So Special?

Answer: they know a lot about operating assisted living facilities, they’re local, and they’ve toured more assisted living facilities than you’ll ever want to. Oh, and their service to seniors and family members is free. That’s a big point. You don’t want to pay for assisted living guidance; you’ll be spending enough for assisted living as it is. When you call Accessible Elder Care, you’re getting this service for free. That’s a good deal.