What services do assisted living facilities provide?

Posted on Aug 29, 2012

Assisted living facilities provide personal, but non-medical, care to seniors; assistance with daily tasks; medication management; incontinence care; transportation; and daily activities. Of course, smaller assisted living facilities usually do not provide daily activities. In fact, it is rare for assisted living facilities with 6 or fewer beds to provide daily activities. However, Wild Rose Care Home does provide activities 5 days a week, with occasional unscheduled activities on the weekends. As a small six bed assisted living facility, Wild Rose Care Home is among the few Santa Rosa assisted living facilities to provide frequent activities.

The most common service offered by assisted living facilities is non-medical personal care. Assisted living facilities are limited to non-medical care by their licensed status as a California Residential Care Facility For The Elderly (RCFE). In contrast, nursing homes (otherwise known as Skilled Nursing Facilities or SNF’s) do provide medical care to seniors. Non-medical care includes assistance with eating, bathing, and toileting. Incontinence care is also a commonly encountered service. If you need help finding an assisted living facility that can meet your loved ones needs we recommend contacting a free placement agency by clicking here.