Dementia Care in Santa Rosa, CA

Finding dementia care in Santa Rosa, CA can be difficult.  Not all Santa Rosa assisted living facilities accept seniors with dementia, advanced dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other forms of memory loss.  However, Wild Rose Care Home accepts seniors with memory loss.  Owner Mary Garcia, RN has several years of experience providing dementia care and over 30 years of nursing experience.  If you are looking for a Santa Rosa assisted living facility that can care for your loved one with dementia, please contact owner Mary Garcia at (707) 695-2937 to schedule a free tour.

Seniors with Dementia

What sets Wild Rose Care Home apart from other Santa Rosa assisted living facilities is our approach to senior care.  We take a personalized approach to senior care that is lacking in other assisted living facilities.  First, owner Mary Garcia, RN gets involved in your loved ones care.  Her medical and dementia care experience have helped may seniors thrive at Wild Rose Care Home.  Our personalized approach to senior care is continued by maintaining our 1 staff to 6 residents ratio.  Having a small core of staff helps your loved one recognize their caregivers and mitigates confusion.  Also, the staffing ratio helps our caregivers understand your loved ones personal needs.   It’s that simple: an experienced nurse’s involvement in your love ones care coupled with familiar caregivers helps your loved one thrive in our home-like facility.

If your loved one has dementia we encourage you to schedule a tour of Wild Rose Care Home.  By taking a tour you can learn more about our approach to dementia care, visit with our residents, and walk-through our beautiful 3,000 square foot facility.

We Accepts Seniors with Dementia

Wild Rose Care Home has accepted many seniors with dementia.  While not a guarantee that we can admit your loved one with dementia, Wild Rose Care Home continues to accept seniors with dementia that we can care for.  Take a tour of Wild Rose Care Home by calling owner Mary Garcia, RN at (707) 695-2937.