Assisted Living Referrals

Accessible Elder Care provides free assisted living referrals to seniors and family members. If you’re looking for assisted living in Santa Rosa, Accessible Elder Care can help. Local placement advisor Julie Kirschbaum has toured many Santa Rosa assisted living facilities. She can help you find a facility that can meet your loved ones personal care needs. You can get free assisted living referrals by calling Julie at (707) 237-2750.

Free Assisted Living Referrals

[content_box style=”” title=”Step 1: Call Julie at (707) 237-2750″]Julie can answer all of your senior care questions. Julie can also meet with you and the senior seeking assisted living to better understand their personal care needs.[/content_box]
[content_box style=”” title=”Step 2: Get Free Referrals”]Julie will find assisted living facilities that meet your loved ones personal care needs. Julie just doesn’t refer you to any assisted living facility; she refers you to facilities that she’s already toured. Julie has done the leg-work of touring all those facilities to save you time.[/content_box]
[content_box style=”” title=”Step 3: Take Your Tour”]Once Julie has referred you to several assisted living facilities, you can call them to set up tours. Julie can accompany you on these tours if you’d like.[/content_box]
[content_box style=”” title=”Step 4: Pick An Assisted Living Facility”]Once you’ve found your assisted living facility you can sign the admission paperwork. Julie can help guide you through the admission process.[/content_box]

How Is This Service Free?

Accessible Elder Care is paid a referral fee by the assisted living facility that you select. Assisted living facilities contract with Accessible Elder Care because they want residents. Accessible Elder Care makes accurate referrals that benefit both the senior and the facility: the facility gets a resident they can care for and the senior gets a good facility. Neither party likes it when the assisted living arrangement doesn’t work out, and hopefully that’s not the case when Accessible Elder Care makes a referral. In summation, seniors and the family members don’t pay Accessible Elder Care for placement assistance, but assisted living facilities do.

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