Santa Rosa Assisted Living Facility Rates

The cost of assisted living in Santa Rosa CA can vary significantly. Generally, assisted living rates can range from the low $2,000 per month to over $8,000. Larger Santa Rosa assisted living facilities typically charge more than 6-bed board and care facilities. Also, larger assisted living facilities may employ a tiered rate structure that assesses various charges for each service rendered per day. This tiered billing practice can make the cost of assisted living in Santa Rosa vary from month to month. To ensure that your assisted living rates are stable make sure that your assisted living facility charges only a flat base rate plus actual expenses for medicine, etc.

Wild Rose Care Home at Quail Run: $250 per day

Wild Rose Care Home is among the most expensive assisted living facilities in Santa Rosa. The reason for the higher price is twofold: atmosphere and quality of care. Unlike other 6-bed assisted living facilities, Wild Rose Care Home at Quail Run is a custom-built facility designed to accommodate residents with Alzheimer’s disease and physical handicaps. In addition to the design, Wild Rose Care Home at Quail Run accepts, and has a track record of success with, seniors who require intensive levels of care. Many of our previous residents came to Wild Rose Care Home at Quail Run after having been evicted from other assisted living facilities for severe memory loss, behavioral issues, or physical limitations. Once at Wild Rose Care Home at Quail Run, these residents and many others have been able to stay in our home-like environment and avoid skilled nursing care.

While our $250 rate may appear expensive at first glance, it is actually less than what many skilled nursing facilities charge, and nearly everyone prefers residence at our care home to a skilled nursing facility.

Finding Cost-Effective Assisted Living in Santa Rosa

If $250 per day is not something that you or your loved one can afford, rest assured that Accessible Elder Care can help you find a cost-effective assisted living facility. Accessible Elder Care is a Santa Rosa based service that helps people find assisted living facilities that match their needs and budget. Their senior care advisors have toured many Santa Rosa assisted living facilities and understand Santa Rosa assisted living rates. To get help finding assisted living in Santa Rosa, or to receive fast yet accurate placement in a Santa Rosa assisted living facility, call Accessible Elder Care at (707) 237-2750.

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