Dementia Care in Santa Rosa, CA

Posted on Aug 30, 2012

Finding an assisted living facility that admits seniors with dementia can be difficult.   Many Santa Rosa assisted living facilities do not accept seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease because they are “difficult” to care for.  Let us rephrase that: if the administrator and caregivers are unskilled in dementia care, then caring for seniors with dementia can be “difficult.”  However, with the right training and management an assisted living facility can provide excellent care to dementia residents.  The trick is finding the right assisted living facility.  Our recommendation…


Get a free referral.  Accessible Elder Care is located in Santa Rosa, CA and they can refer you to an assisted living facility the provides excellent dementia care.  Their referrals are free to family members and seniors seeking assisted living.  All that you have to do is call Julie Kirschbaum at (707) 237-2750 and explain your loved ones condition, what you’re looking for in an assisted living facility, and what your long-term care budget is.  She’ll refer you to several assisted living facilities that match your needs, saving you time.