Cost of Assisted Living at Wild Rose Care Home

Posted on Jul 28, 2012

Wild Rose Care Home charges a flat daily rate for assisted living care at each of our Santa Rosa assisted living facilities.  While many assisted living facilities in Santa Rosa charge a complex tiered rate that varies by day, Wild Rose Care Home charges a flat rate of $250 per day that includes personal care, incontinence products, meals, and board in a private room with an adjoining half-bathroom.  While comparable Santa Rosa assisted living facilities may appear to charge lower daily rates, these facilities often have a tiered level-of-care rate structure that increase the total cost above Wild Rose Care Home’s rates.  For instance, large assisted living facilities often assess a charge everyday incontinence care is provided.  So, while an incontinence care charge of $10 per day may seem like a small amount in the long list of charges that could be assessed, that’s an extra $300 per month!  Residents of Santa Rosa assisted living facilities that have tiered level-of-care charges are often surprised by every bill after these incidental charges are added up.  In contrast, residents of Wild Rose Care Home can predict what every monthly bill will be.  It doesn’t matter if residents use 5 depends every day and require a large amount of staff time, the final bill per day will always be $250 per day plus actual medication costs.

If you’re looking for simple, predictable billing than consider Wild Rose Care Home for your assisted living facility.  Our Santa Rosa assisted living facilities will charge a flat daily rate that you can rely on.  Call Owner Mary Garcia at (707) 695-2937 to schedule a free tour today!