Wild Rose Care Home at Quail Run

Wild Rose Care Home at Quail Run provides assisted living care to seniors who are unable to live alone.  Our assisted living facility accepts seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, and physical challenges.  The assisted living facility is over 3,000 square feet and provides 6 private bedrooms with attached half-bathrooms.  In addition, the assisted living facility has a wheelchair accessible shower room to accommodate seniors with limited mobility.  The garden features lavender, rosemary, annual grasses, and yellow daylilies.  Seniors will also enjoy the birds that frequent our garden bird feeders.  Wild Rose Care Home at Quail Run is located at 1921 Quail Run, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

Assisted Living Care

Wild Rose Care Home at Quail Run provides assisted living care to seniors who experience memory loss or physical limitations.  Our trained staff assists seniors with daily tasks such as eating, drinking, bathing, toileting, and taking medications.  Administrators or other trained personnel are available to transport residents to doctor and dentist appointments.  At our assisted living facility, assisted living care is delivered 24 hours a day through 24 hour staffing and awake-night staff.

Assisted Living Rooms

Wild Rose Care Home has 6 private assisted living rooms with attached half-bathrooms.  Our assisted living rooms are furnished with a bed, dresser, nightstand, and two chairs.  Of course, residents are free to move in their own furniture rather than use ours.  All of our rooms have cable and phone lines installed so residents can watch television or make calls from their room.